Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree of Lost Things at BAC (again)

We have just spent a day installing The Tree of Lost Things at BAC; this time in the marvelous foyer space in preparation for the fundraising gala night on the 10th Dec. The labels are now tumbling out of the skylight like a papery growth of ivy, reaching all the way across the marble staircases to the opium den below (pictures to follow if you don't believe us!). Hopefully the instillation should stay up for a while after the big night so pop along and add your losses if you have the opportunity in the next few days.

People have already been reading the labels and contributing to The Tree. It's lovely to see every body's reactions to the piece. It has become a repository for fragments of story; at times, sad, mournful, flippant, funny, ridiculous and occasionally shocking. One thing that comes across more than any other when reading the labels is people's capacity to be hopeful in the face of loss. At Latitude, a woman wrote "I lost my left boob, but gained my life after cancer". People are inherently hopeful and many have used The Tree to express this through their own stories of defiance in the face of adversity. What a brilliant thing to fall out of the skylight!

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