Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There are witches in these woods

Allegra and Kirsty are developing a new piece of work. It’s called ‘Witch in the Woods’ (working title). It involves hunting in an area of woodland to find the witches hiding there, before the witches find you. We have created a world in which the game takes place, a world where modern day technology and war tactics meet medieval superstition. The game plays on peoples’ fears – hunting alone in the dark woods – but also their perception of truth and superstition.

Research has mostly involved running around in the woods at night with walkie-talkies and torches. We have taken the concept of wide games beyond 'activity time' at christian camp and team building exercises on corporate residentials.

There will be opportunities to be involved in the development of this piece in the coming month - if you are brave enough...

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  1. Hello Ignore the Forcast - this sounds wonderful, I remember you telling me about your dream of wood wondering with walkie talkie's a long while ago! I can't wait untill it comes to a wood near me!

    lots of love,