Saturday, December 12, 2009


Until recently, most of our props list have looked something like this:

rubber stamp
Ledger of Lost Things
felt-tip pens

But now we can add 'lectern' to the list. Yes, Ignore the Forecast has its very own lectern. Made for us by the brilliant Cath Bates (one of BAC's Production Managers) for the Big Brother Bash gala night. We now have something suitably grandiose on which to place the Ledger of lost Things. Hurrah! Plus, its made out of old floor boards from BAC's Grand Hall! Over 100 years of tea dances, weddings, funerals, rallies and even a mass food fight have graced across those boards. Maybe they will breathe some inspiration into the labels that people write whilst leaning on the lectern.

Our tech lists looked like this:


We hadn't really strayed into the realms of technological wizardry, perhaps because we hadn't yet found a wizard. Until the other night, when the equally brilliant Jeremy Walker (the other one of BAC's Production Managers) rigged up a pulley system to allow people to tie a label onto a string and then have it winched up - washing line style- to the ceiling of BAC's grand foyer space. In the absence of a tree branches to attach labels to, this piece of techno-magic brought some extra joy to the act of adding a label to the collection (plus its really fun!). Some may think this sounds more cassette tape player than spanking new ipod in the technology scale (on which a stick and a dustbin lid is at the bottom and the Hadron Collider is at the top) but we think simple is beautiful (and we like cassette tapes).

If you want to see these major new characters in The Tree of Lost Things story - you can! The instillation will be staying up until January 17th! Time enough to get along to BAC and add a loss of your own.

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