Monday, September 19, 2011

Attempting to Escape London

As the weather turns, I am looking for a last escape from the city this summer. It has been a long season of being outdoors and spending the last few weeks under roofs instead of canvas has become claustrophobic. I am hopefully heading to the lovely Gather event in Cornwall this weekend with The Tree of Lost Things. The event will be celebrating Resurgence Magazine's 45th anniversary. It seems I spend a lot of time looking for ways out of the city and not being in command of my own set of wheels makes this not a little tricky when your travelling with wonderous (but bulky) instillation art. If anyone can help with a journey down this Thursday 22nd or friday 23rd then get in touch- I shall reward you with a bespoke piece of performance artsy wonder.

In other news, I am creating a website of my own work. I believe this will make me into a real person. It takes something virtual to justify the actual these days apparently. Oh, I'm sorry I seem to have mistaken this blog for a scene from The Matrix. Ehem. Link to that will be up here shortly.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Home from Home

The Home Correspondence was a huge success at Cambridge Folk Festival. We have nearly 100 recordings of people speaking their letters home- these will be compiled into an online archive in the next week or so (once I have the clever gadget that will convert old-school cassette to wizzy mp3s) and I shall pop the link to that here when its ready. This archive will grow with following contributions to the project in the future (we are already part of Parabola Arts Centre's Autumn Programme). We have hundreds of pins in our maps where people have marked their true home.

As ever, the audience at Cambridge Folk Fest were lovely and receptive to something a bit different in the programme and it was such a supportive environment to start something very exciting.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Also, massive thanks to Anya Tavkar, Will Emsworth, Helen Preddy and James Owen - The Home Correspondents. I have never enjoyed camping meals and waiting for a kettle to boil more than with this lot. We certainly made a Home from Home.

The Home Correspondence Pics

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off Adventuring...

I've just put the finishing touches on the map of the world we are taking to Cambridge Folk Festival for The Home Correspondence. We leave tomorrow ('we' being the delightful Helen Preddy and the equally smashing James Owen) in a van full of the entire contents of my bedroom which is usefully providing most of the set for the project. Very excited to be premiering a new piece of work in such a lovely, supportive environment. The piece will hopefully draw together some of the strands of my musings on Home over he past year and a half and will hopefully be an opportunity to collect lots of stories of home from the audience at the festival. I am also very excited about wearing a jumpsuit all weekend.

Here are some pics of the signage I've been making in the garden of my new (and relatively permanent) Home...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tree of Smee

Something I made for someone named Smee.