Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Questions Questions

Yesterday was a day of questions; who is this man? Why do they say that? What’s the point of that bit? What’s happening again? When’s dinner? It was a long day with some sticky moments but we now seem to have arrived at a story and a journey. We walked it thorough with Kevin, Fran and some local musicians who came up for the evening and it felt like an important moment.
We are telling the story of a man, blinded by the light of his son, the Sun. The man shows us his memories and we see how he fell in love with the Moon when she fell into a lake. She gives birth to a Sun but we all know the Sun and Moon cannot share the same sky and she leaves the man with their brilliant child. The man cannot bear to look at his beautiful child as he reminds him of his true love too much. The man kills the sun, but as he is a star and now a dying star, he bursts in to a supernova of light, blinding his father as a last act of justice. But there will be other Suns as other men fall in love with other Moons and the sky and the wheel of the year turns again.
So that’s the nub of it. There are 14 locations, poetry, song, puppetry, a bird/moon woman in the dove barn, an eggspert hatching new life in the kitchen, a wake in the cellar, shadow-play snogging in the tree house and words written on the landscape in flour. We will cover life, death, celestial orbs, love so painful it leads to murder, murder so poetic it might be myth, hope, loss, memory and mourning, flighty lovers and the beauty of the Sun and Moon rising. We have four days, four players and no budget. Challenge Anneka has been blown out of the water.
So we will keep asking questions and questioning our selves because that’s how you make work and move forward. One question we shall not be asking is; can we do it? It’s better not to ponder that one too long, lest we give the wrong answer.

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