Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feathers and Fleece

We are sitting drinking tea on the terrace. Bella is making a wreath for the Sun (played by Chris the Adventurer) and Shane is showing Andy Warren the recorder player our amazing words on the landscape. Kevin just walked passed with a barrel of elderflower champagne which is apparently ‘really fizzy’. Everything seems to be in place. We decided against another run through today. Maybe that was a bad decision but it feels like it might just run out our energy before tonight. We sort of know what we’re all doing anyway.

I promised I wouldn’t say this aloud but it looks like the weather is holding. At some point I shall stop making outdoor theatre but the plus points are too tantalising.

Bella is now decorating the wreath with pheasant feathers. We have decided Chris will be shirtless. And sombre faced. He will be slowly unwrapped from his binding to the massive monolith in the middle of the garden. The Blindman will unravel the chrysalis made from very thin sheep fleece (used for keeping the vegetables warm on frosty nights). This is the part where we stray into the realm of performance art/pagan ritual- not sure how it will be received in rural Wales but we thought it was worth the risk. It will at least give everyone something to talk about, or a reason to chase us out of town. We shall see…

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