Monday, September 19, 2011

Attempting to Escape London

As the weather turns, I am looking for a last escape from the city this summer. It has been a long season of being outdoors and spending the last few weeks under roofs instead of canvas has become claustrophobic. I am hopefully heading to the lovely Gather event in Cornwall this weekend with The Tree of Lost Things. The event will be celebrating Resurgence Magazine's 45th anniversary. It seems I spend a lot of time looking for ways out of the city and not being in command of my own set of wheels makes this not a little tricky when your travelling with wonderous (but bulky) instillation art. If anyone can help with a journey down this Thursday 22nd or friday 23rd then get in touch- I shall reward you with a bespoke piece of performance artsy wonder.

In other news, I am creating a website of my own work. I believe this will make me into a real person. It takes something virtual to justify the actual these days apparently. Oh, I'm sorry I seem to have mistaken this blog for a scene from The Matrix. Ehem. Link to that will be up here shortly.

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