Monday, May 2, 2011

The News...

Well, there has been a lot between last time and this time. Here are the headlines…

Allegra opened here first season at the Parabola Arts Centre. It’s a brilliant season of exciting work including the sob-inducing Love Letters Straight From Your Heart by Uninvited Guests, Debbie Pearson’s Like You Were Before, Crocosmia by Little Bulb and a small something called The Tree of Lost Things – see outstanding programming! More info and tickets here:

I became Head of Detail at BAC which involves looking at all the small things in the building – corners, skirting boards, dusts, tassels – and some of the big things too – walls, furniture, lampposts – and thinking up ways t o make everything look like it belongs in one loved and cared for place. A bit like an in-house interior/exterior designer only a lot more interesting and a lot more complicated.

I also created an instillation to celebrate BAC’s 30th Birthday The commission was off the back of The Tree of Lost Things. I invited audience, alumni, staff, patrons and everyone in between to write postcards home to me at BAC to create a growing instillation of memories and journeys from the last 30 (or more) years. It has been lovely to read so many memories – some of which span 100 years of the building’s history. It will be up for a little while yet in BAC’s foyer so pop along and write me a postcard if you wish to be part of this incredible document. Pictures coming soon.

Final headline for now: I won a commission to create a bedroom and a piece of one-on-one theatre for BAC’s One on One Festival last month (if you’re getting the impression that I haven’t left the building in the past few months, then you’re right). It had to be based on a bedroom scene from literature. I created a room based on the Lost Boys den in Neverland, but they all decided to grow up and I was left behind. 218 one-on-one performances in 2 weeks. It was a marathon, but an amazing experience. The piece was about true homes and I invited the audience to recall theirs and to be part of my family. I now have an album of family members, their memories, and their preferences of imaginary tea (my personal favorite was rosehip and chamomile with water from Niagara Falls (thanks brother Neil). It ended up getting quite a lot of press: and an interview on BBC London which was a bit surreal. Lyn Gardner seemed to like it as well: Hurrah. The room will remain pretty much as I designed it, along with 5 others by David Rosenberg, Melanie Wilson, Ray Lee, Kazuko Hoki and The Campinglis Bell-Halls. Artists will be able to stay in residence at BAC and be inspired by bedrooms created for them by other artists. It’s an honor to be part of this legacy for the building. Pictures on their way.

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