Monday, January 10, 2011

Wedding, Home, 2011, Cake

It has been a while. It has been a really long while. I am sorry.

So what's happened? Well quite a lot really. Allegra got married to David Jubb at BAC. That was quite exciting. And I designed the wedding. Which was quite exciting. And mental hard work. It basically involved dressing the whole of the old town hall, including the GRAND HALL - which is, ehem, grand. On top of that creating beautiful table settings for 400 people. But I think it went pretty well in the end. Sleeping is overrated. Pictures to follow soon, with the bride's permission.

The wedding has been described as 'the HELLO wedding of experimental theatre' which I think is about right. There were performances from Uninvited Guests (which I think was responsible for the vast amount of weeping before the ceremony had even begun) and Little Bulb Theatre. There was a bay tree (my fault), singing on the roof, Vivienne Westwood dresses everywhere and two people doing something amazing. There were also two other people doing something unmentionable in the Bee's Knees Room.

My favourite pre-wedding mayhem moment was spending a day loading an entire bay tree into a van with the delightful Sam and Daisy. At one point I was buried inside the van with all the branches mustering every ounce of dignity I had (which is negligible at the best of times) not to pee my pants with laughter. Daisy Gibbs is a very funny woman. The other highlight was playing 'guess my job' whilst driving round South London. If you can't work out how to play it from the title then you don't deserve the joy.

So now it is 2011 and there is a whole year of fun to plan. I already have my eye on a horse chestnut tree I'd like to move from it's current position to the other side of London. I think I'd like to fill this year with more smashing people, interesting spaces, festivals, beautiful things and music. Oh and cake. there was not enough cake in 2010.

I'm also making a new piece of work at the moment. It is about home. Having not had a home for 10 months, I think I'm in quite a good place to be objective. I want to call it 'The Home Service' but most people I have mentioned it to seem to think that sounds rude. More on this soon....

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