Saturday, September 4, 2010

Music and Libraries

Just found this whilst browsing around for photos of The Tree of Lost Things on the interweb: Nice to know we've inspired at least one creative soul. If anyone else has written a song about the Tree then send us a tape and we'll start an official chart of Lost Music.

In other news, Allegra and I have been plotting exciting next steps for the Tree, we want to turn it into a Library of Lost Things. We've been thinking about libraries, databases, due dates and all things involving logical order (this has been particularly challenging for me as I have a interesting skill of creating chaos if left unattended in any area for more than 3 minuets). Allegra loves libraries, I love the idea of libraries. I have always wanted to be one of those people who seek sanctuary amongst the books, the hush and the cataloguing systems. But I am just too loud and too messy. I am terrified of breaking the peace by tripping over my own feet, knocking over a display of 'Recommended Reads' then cackling loudly at my own clod-footedness. This has happened before. But maybe The Library of Lost Things will be a compromise between ordered quiet and chaos. The filing system itself will have to be pretty esoteric given the subject matter. We will be using categories such as 'Love', 'Opportunity', 'Underwear' and 'Time'. How do you file the Opportunities section? From the biggest to the smallest? How about Love? By the name of the loved one? Or by the kind of love? All sorts of interesting and essentially answer-less questions to chew over in the coming weeks.
We have over 5,000 labels and will hopefully have double that when I come to spend some consolidated time sorting them all in the new year. I am actually really looking forward to this process. When running the tree, we don't get the chance to read all the new contributions, only those that are logged in the Ledger of Lost Things. It will be lovely to spend some time getting a feel for overall trends as well as individual losses - at least it will be lovely for the first 1,000 or so, then I will start to go loopy.

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