Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have just been told that there are 40 people buried under the chapel in which we will be based during the residency. There was also the story of Lucifer the Jackdaw who turned up on 06/06/06. He knocked on the door, so the family let him in. He then sat at the dining table for a week, refusing to move until eventually he snapped out of it and began to behave in a more civilised manner. I have no doubt we will have some difficulty in deciding which stories to tell here. I think the trick will be to reach a common theme and work from there; weaving in anecdotes and moments along the way.

The wind turbine has stopped moving. I spent the morning planting sweet peas and a bird just flew into the window.

P.S. Excuse the out-of-sync font on this post, some blogging gremlins are preventing me from towing the company style.

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